Statement of urgent careers from which the sponsor system is entered into Saudi Arabia by 2020
Statement of urgent careers from which the sponsor system is entered into Saudi Arabia by 2020

Latest news Saudi Arabia today from the center of the newspaper new human beings for all foreign workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today's decisions have already been taken since 2019 and last day the application date of these decisions.

And talk about Zam sponsor to most of the various foreign workers from different countries by 2020, publishes passports Saudi Arabia day after day all about arrivals of decisions and new news to help them facilitate their affairs and their situation, especially for the resident labor illegally or in violation of the regulations, which is Rwaskh within the Kingdom Saudi Arabia and prepared the laws and decisions.
While another said early Labor Ministry source within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that there are professions exempt owners of the sponsorship system in part until the completion of work on a project to replace the sponsorship system another system, according to what has been talked about for some time in the past year, 2019, and ask you through the middle newspaper All details of occupations are beautiful and detailed.
Professions in which the sponsor is a civil engineer, structural engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, profession, profession, medical profession, medical profession, medical profession
Executive Director, Sales Manager, Accountant, Executive Secretary, Administrative Director, Accounts Manager.
Where employees are entitled to this opportunity to be a newcomer careers sponsor himself, which he can do the transfer of sponsorship by himself, or travel without a sponsor, so that can work in specific occupations, according to Saudi law inside Saudi territory.
While not making a final decision on the suspension of the sponsorship system for the professions that employ expatriates, and the decision was partly a recommendation in operation until the unanimous recognition of the sponsorship system to stop completely and replace it with another system will be much different from the previous regime. .