Important statement regarding the study of students in schools.

In this context, and after the Ministry of Education announced the date for the start of the next academic year and its development of possible scenarios to reopen schools, in cooperation with private schools in the emirate, the Department of Education and Knowledge stated that all educators agreed on one issue: that nothing compares to a child’s receiving education in school among his colleagues and teachers.

, And the positive impact of this on his mental health and educational level.

The department stated that during the application of distance education, the parents of students played the most difficult and important roles, in addition to the responsibility of caring for their children, they had to perform their job tasks and continue learning and many of them had to play a new role for them which is the role of the teacher

The administration clarified that it is not hidden from it the vital role played by the staff of the students on the front lines, which increases their responsibilities and exposes them to risk every day.
It is worth noting that the number of private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, according to the latest statistics of the department, is 198 schools, offering 14 curricula, and enrolling about 253 thousand students, 73% of whom are residents, and 27% are citizens, according to the Emirates Today newspaper.