An important statement from the Emirates government today about the fact that the air steps were opened with some countries in the world, including Arab countries, as they spread in the last times on the social networking site, as some of the expatriates tweeted and Instagram about the fact that the flight steps were opened.

Where the UAE government just issued an important statement on the UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation a statement a while ago, in which it stated that granting them landing permits and allowing some companies to operate some flight matters to the country was intended only for the purposes of returning Iranian citizens stranded in the United Arab Emirates as it is any evacuation flights To other countries, knowing that these evacuation flights arrive in the Emirates without any passengers on board, and this is what the UAE General Authority for Civil Aviation stated.

On the other hand, the statement was issued following allegations issued to give the Iranian carrier (Mahan Air) open permission to operate its flights to and from the UAE during February and March of this year, which allowed the spread of the epidemic called the new Corna virus, according to the reports.

On the other hand, the UAE asserts from the official newspapers within the Emirates a short time ago that the ban was and remains in effect and that all flights carrying passengers work for evacuation purposes only to preserve the safety of citizens, expatriates and all foreign workers.

At the same time, experts and specialists in the travel sector confirm that travel companies open reservations on their websites starting from specific dates does not necessarily mean traveling according to these dates because the matter depends on developments in the current situation and on the approvals obtained by the competent authorities within a country Arab Emirates .

As for the fact that reservations were opened again

Riyad Al-Faisal, President of the Asayel Company for Tourism and Travel, said that the schedule of reservations already exists, but airlines have closed reservations according to different periods, so it is these companies who closed reservations for a week, two weeks or even a month and then extended these dates more than once according to The situation has evolved, indicating that allowing reservations does not mean traveling on the same date because the airline may cancel the reservation a day or two or more days before the date of travel.

Al-Faisal added that the airlines always strive to be fully prepared in the event that decisions are taken regarding the resumption of travel, and that these reservations benefit airlines in providing the liquidity they may need during the current period in the conduct of their operational operations.

Al-Faisal stressed the importance of continuous communication with airlines and the requirements issued by countries regarding travel procedures, during this stage, to take appropriate decisions to re-book or cancel it.

Omar Al-Ali, CEO of Projects and Development at the “Nirvana” Company for Travel and Tourism, said that most airlines in the region have opened flight reservations according to dates dating back to their estimates, indicating that the existence of these reservations will remain subject to the return of air traffic after the approval of the official authorities authorized to operate the air traffic.

Al-Ali added that there is an increasing demand for flights, which prompted companies to open their reservations, especially since there are many individuals who wish to resume their business, but in the event that the risks related to the Corona virus continue, these flights will be postponed again and the schedules that are constantly changing will be modified.