The Emirates exempt some loans and postpone some 6
The Emirates exempt some loans and postpone some 6

Sources today inside the Emirates confirmed the fact that some loans are exempted by the decision of the Emirates ruler this morning that it follows the bank’s directives issued on March 17.

On the other hand, the six deferred installments by retail banks and microfinance and finance companies should be without postponement fees and without bank profit or additional profits.

 Certainly, there is no increase in the price of profit or interest, but the customer must, according to what is done in the past, pay the insurance company fees, if any, in connection with extending the life insurance policy.

The orientation may include credit due to credit cards that have already been deducted from the credit card limit as of March 19, 2020.

While this comes in accordance with the directives of the ruler of the Emirates, the country, to unify national efforts to face the repercussions of the global spread of the Corona virus at the local level, in a manner that preserves the health and safety of citizens and foreign residents.

While parallel to the continuation of the state’s programs and its work process to achieve sustainable development endeavors for the benefit of citizens, which resulted in the announcement of a financial and economic package worth 4.3 billion.