The expiry date of the traffic granted to correct the conditions of the violating cars

Sharjah Municipality has called on owners of vehicles, machinery, and motorcycles and ordinary bikes that have been kept at the Municipality of Sharjah for a period of more than 6 months without taking the necessary procedures to release them, for the necessity of reviewing the Control and Inspection Department in the Fifth Industrial Area within 4 days from the current May 30 date to work on removing the reasons for the seizure and receiving the seizures.

The municipality warned against taking measures to sell these vehicles by public auction if the mentioned period expires, and has identified a QR code to scan and identify the seized vehicles.

The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the Federal Traffic Council, launched its second unified traffic campaign at the state level under the slogan "Traffic safety for users of electric bicycles and electric scooters", with the aim of enhancing traffic awareness among this category, through the need to adhere to and follow the necessary instructions and instructions for road safety in a manner that ensures achieving Safety and security of its users.
The initiative comes as part of a series of initiatives and traffic campaigns launched early this year 2022, which aims to send awareness messages to electric bike users to ensure their safety on the roads, and urge them to adhere to the application of traffic and traffic laws for driving such bikes.
The campaign calls for the use of electric bikes "scooters" in the paths designated for their practice, with mandatory wearing of helmets, knee bumpers and reflective clothing (phosphorescent), especially while driving at night, and compliance with safety instructions, prevention requirements and regulations for such vehicles in the emirates of the country.