A price auction between airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport, to increase the price of tickets for the main destinations between 50 and 70% compared to the same period last year.

 This is in light of the high demand for travel after the announcement of the official Eid Al-Adha holiday, as some families have reorganized their programs in order to benefit from the length of the vacation period that reaches 9 days, as some Kuwaiti families preferred to spend the vacation in one of the nearby tourist destinations, while decided Some foreign families travel for the holidays in their home countries.

Reservations indicate that no direct seats are available for the Cairo, Beirut, Turkey and Dubai lines from today and tomorrow, while transit flights spanning more than 10 hours are available at very high prices and reached more than 400 dinars as a minimum.

In light of the increase in demand and the shortage of supplies, the price gap between commercial aviation and economic aviation has shrunk, as a result of the high demand for travel for departing and arriving flights after the end of the holiday and school vacation, and ticket price differences between economic and commercial airlines are almost slight to some destinations or none.

In this context, an official at Kuwait Airways Company told Al-Wasat that the airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport follow the open free market model, and the lower the supply, the higher the prices, indicating that the carrying capacity of all airlines reached their maximum limits during the days of Eid Al-Adha .

He revealed that the General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular prohibiting the conduct of any additional flights from Kuwait International Airport during the holiday season due to the limited capacity of the airport, which may not accommodate the huge numbers that may resort to travel in the last moments before the start of the holiday. He said that conditions at Kuwait Airport will improve with the full commercial operation of the supporting passenger terminal (T4), which was allocated to Kuwait Airways.

He stated that some of the countries to which "Kuwaiti" direct flights are going resort to the policy of "closed air" by not allowing additional flights from competing flights without similar flights from the state's national aviation in order to maintain fair competition.

As for the new destinations that entered the map of Kuwaiti travelers such as Georgia, the price of tickets increased somewhat to reach 240 dinars (round trip), due to the lack of demand for them during the days of Eid, as tourists to those countries booked their seats months ago.

It is noted that there is a trend this year for a significant increase in demand to European destinations, Turkey, Thailand and other Asian destinations due to the offers offered to these countries, explaining that airlines and travel and tourism agencies are counting a lot on this period, as compensation to the recession that will enter with the start of the study season after the Eid holiday. Al-Adha.

To this, officials in the travel and tourism agencies said that during the holidays, the pressure on the reservations fades, due to the fact that reservations during this period are very difficult and usually the traveler resorted to booking them from a long time ago, citing that the seats of EgyptAir on Eid Al Fitr It is fully booked from now, and all flights to Beirut are fully completed during the holidays.

Awards obtained by Kuwait Airways.

2001: Award for "Best Aviation Company in the World in the Field of Aviation Safety and Security", from the "Aviation Safety" Association.

2003: The Merit and Merit Award from the American Board of Services, which is responsible for aviation services.

An overview of Kuwait Airways and the common code partners in Kuwait:

In order to reach more destinations, Kuwait Airways is associated with a group of international airlines in order to be able to achieve this goal, and these companies are:

Travel classes on Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways provides classes for travel:

First class: Passengers of this class get an atmosphere of luxury and spaciousness, including: Providing a unit for special services when requesting travelers of this degree, in order to provide all forms of assistance to those who are not accustomed to finish their procedures at the airport, to help them to end all Their travel procedures are easy, and travelers of this class also enjoy the possibility of using the special waiting halls designated for them in some airports.

And passengers enjoy this degree the possibility of flattening the entire seats at an angle of 180 degrees in order to obtain the greatest degree of comfort and relaxation, especially during long trips, and travelers enjoy this degree a carefully prepared menu and includes a variety of free food and drinks, along with entertainment and entertainment, and special care On the part of the crew.

Business class: Passengers of this class get benefits similar to those in the first class, including the ability to take advantage of the special services unit, and the use of distinct waiting rooms in some airports.

Passengers of this class also enjoy the possibility of flat seats tilted flat to provide greater comfort, as well as they can enjoy a varied menu of free food and drinks, in addition to the availability of entertainment, entertainment and special care by the plane crew.

Economy Class: Passengers get this Economy Class comfortable seats, screens installed in the back of the seats to display entertainment materials, in addition to enjoying distinctive food and drinks.