King Salman, a new exemption from the Credit and Savings Bank, with identification number.
King Salman, a new exemption from the Credit and Savings Bank, with identification number.

Latest News Saudi Government of the Kingdom of Saudi today in its quest to provide a decent life in seeking ministries represented in Saudi Arabia today, to you Saudis and expatriates citizens, especially after the new economic reforms in 2020 by the Saudi state with the beginning of the new year.

In terms of outlook Alambaadih 2030, offering Credit Bank identified important services to all beneficiaries of the children of the state, the Saudi Credit Bank, which helps citizens and families Saudi Arabia living loans and provide all means of living today to provide a loan without the benefits of the work of small businesses anywhere within Saudi lands.
Among the credit provided by the Bank services are exempt Credit Bank identification number 1441, which exempted the beneficiaries of the repayment of loans, but the conditions set by the Saudi Credit Bank, through registration in the exemption and Credit Bank Savings Bank Credit Exemption 1441 identity number.
Many Saudi citizens have received credit bank loans, to meet personal needs and then are starting to pay these installments loans, and some of these people face difficulty in paying the loan, and this has provided the Bank of Social Development in cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Finance, to exempt the new Credit Bank service, Pay the loans to a large number of Saudi people, for this reason they will register in this His blood number identity to benefit from the exemption.
Terms of exemption Credit Bank is not the beneficiary borrower from another bank to be the beneficiary of Saudi nationality has no holdings or real estate or commercial registration after these conditions provide the borrower in person, now you can register to exempt bank service credit, and to stop the payment of the remaining installments. .