The new steps to renew the residence permit and the card electronically

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security in the UAE allows, through its smart application, to renew the residence electronically, as the authority clarified the renewal steps.

In this context, the authority stated that it is possible to renew the residence electronically, through the following steps:

Registration and account creation, digital identity, or access to electronic services in case of pre-registration
Choose a residence permit renewal service
Submit the application, review and update the retrieved data, and pay the fees
Submit an application to renew the identity card, and hand over the passport to the approved delivery company
Putting a residence sticker on the passport
Delivery of the passport through the approved courier company.
The authority has called on all dealers to verify each of the

Data accuracy and correctness
Ensure that the ID number and its expiration date are correct in the renewal or replacement request
Ensure the accuracy and validity of the data entered in the electronic form before paying the fees
Verify the phone number, e-mail, and the delivery method included in the electronic form
It is worth noting that the UAE grants a grace period of 30 days to legally stay in the UAE after the expiry of the residence visa, and therefore the residence visa must be renewed before the expiry of that period to avoid any fines.

The Emirates Digital Government has confirmed, through its online portal, that once a person's residence visa in the UAE expires, the sponsor must speed up its renewal for his dependents within the deadline for visa renewal, to avoid any fines or legal consequences, according to what was published by Emirates Today newspaper.