The new traffic toll fees and the categories excluded from paying them

"Sharjah Roads" announces the increase of the categories that were exempted from paying the tariff fees for traffic gates, to 12 exempted categories instead of the 9 categories that were before that.

In this context, Mohammed Al Zaabi, Director of the Legal Affairs Department of the Roads and Transport Authority in the Emirate of Sharjah, said in a recent press statement that the Sharjah Executive Council approved an increase in the categories exempted from the process of paying tariff gate fees.

On a related level, Muhammad Al-Zaabi explained that the categories covered by the decision are:

First: Trucks passing through the gates within 12 hours of paying the tariff.

Second: Trucks operating for the benefit of the projects of Their Highnesses the Rulers, Crown Princes and Deputy Rulers.

Third: Trucks owned by local and federal government agencies.

Fourth: Trucks belonging to private companies implementing projects of the President's initiatives.

Fifth: Trucks belonging to companies executing projects for local authorities.

Sixth: Food trucks subsidized by the Head of State.

Seventh: Trucks transporting medicines to government hospitals.

Eighth: The trucks transporting horses and camels owned by individuals.

Ninth: Water tanks owned by farm owners, in addition to sewage tanks.

Tenth: The trucks of the Sharjah Cooperative Society.

Eleventh vehicles that have advance reservation for conference rooms.

Twelfth: Vehicles owned by official delegations to visit rest houses, in addition to any other categories that are proposed by the Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Sharjah and a special resolution is issued for them.