UAE government
UAE government

The UAE Cabinet has adopted the Ministry of Interior assumption regarding the amendment and employment of the finger-to-face effect technology, to be used in modifying the services of the private and government sectors.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Menglaq, Assistant to the President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, the Wali of Dubai, said, “During our meeting today, we approved the beginning of an attempt to affect the tip of the finger of the face in a few services in the sector dedicated to verifying the personal identity of the characters in exchange for providing an abundance of papers to verify personal information.

He continued, "An effort led by the Ministry of the Interior, and in the event of its success, will be circulated ... to facilitate the lives of dealers."

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Munglaq completed. The appointment of the finger-to-face impact technology to provide services will contribute to investigating an exceptional leap in that field, and it will enable services to be provided to the public at any time and location without the need to use classic identification media of individuals such as government documents and others.

He continued, "It will strengthen the appointment of the government of the United Arab Emirates for technology in upgrading the degree and standard of social welfare and achieving ease of life."

The Ministry of Interior club will work in adaptation with other original authorities to popularize the appointment of using the face-stamping image technology following the completion of the first stage of the endeavor, through which the Ministry will launch a number of services using the facial finger stamp image in a group of private sector companies. The project will be based on establishing Companies have access to special programming to find out the fact that the tip of the finger of the face matches, without prejudice to the confidentiality of customer information and their privacy.

Artificial intelligence
On a new level, the Council approved the establishment of a working group to study the online communication file and automate the effort, led by the Minister of State for Digital Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Work Applications from a distance.

"We have also approved the creation of a team to automate the government effort through communication applications from a distance ... Therefore, under the leadership of the country's minister for digital economy, artificial intelligence and effort applications from a distance, the future of the government effort will be different during the coming decades," Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Masdud spoke.

The United Arab Emirates is moving forward towards a more developed and efficient future, so it decided to transform the mechanism of work of the state administration to match the rapid progress in the world of technology.

The United Arab Emirates adopted a plan for artificial intelligence "2031", launched in October 2017, as the first great project within the framework of the country's 2071 centenary, which is trying by its hand to reach a future that accommodates the current variables by means of a technological stream that seeks from behind that to be the first in the world.

And as soon as the United Arab Emirates accepted the year 2017 “Artificial Intelligence Planning,” which is the first of its kind in the place and the world, it was looking to the future and not being afraid and embodying the modern period in which the highest different sectors will be adopted to bring about a sustainable future that depends on artificial intelligence in services and the analysis of information in the size of 100% The year is 2031.