Many workers in Qatar's World Cup stadiums in 2020 were exposed to the emerging corona virus

On Sunday, the Qatari authorities announced the highest daily increase in the number of confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus, which is 929, bringing the total number to 10287 cases and ten deaths.

The Qatar News Agency stated that most of these cases were expatriate workers who had mixed cases of confirmed infection.

The agency added that a number of new cases were recorded among workers outside the old industrial area of ​​the capital, which was isolated in mid-March after emerging as a focus of the virus.

While Qatar, like most other countries in the world, faces the effects of the Corona virus on the economy, the authorities in Doha last week said they would gradually start to reduce public isolation measures, amid fears that this would lead to a new wave of epidemic infections.

The Gulf region has seen an increasing number of injuries among foreign workers living in overcrowded housing.

According to media reports, the Corona virus is lying with thousands of foreign workers in Qatar in light of the Qatari authorities' lack of taking serious measures to protect them from the threat of the epidemic and rescue them, especially those who did not stop working to prepare the World Cup stadiums and facilities 2022, despite the fact that all the Arab countries that infiltrated the epidemic stopped all Workers, citizens and foreigners alike, have provided them with ways to prevent, protect, and support material like the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Through this, it appears that Qatar was keen on organizing the World Cup successfully from the health of workers, even if they are foreigners, in contrast to what happened in some other countries that have sought to protect their workers from non-citizens, which reflects a fine humanitarian gesture.

On Thursday, media reports confirmed that workers in Qatar crowded their buses and workplaces, despite the risk of transmission of the virus.

Fingers are being accused of neglecting foreign workers, exposing them to the risk of contracting the virus and not being suspended from work to protect their lives.

And the Qatari Ministry of Health had announced last March its expectations for an increase in the number of HIV infections, while continuing testing during the quarantine period.

The Qatari authorities' neglect of foreign workers may cause the virus to spread between them, and thus the infection will spread to large numbers and spread in Qatar.