Saudi Labor Minister Ahmed Al Rajhi
Saudi Labor Minister Ahmed Al Rajhi

The Saudi Ministry of Labor recently launched a new program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known as Al-Safwa, for strategic partnerships with the private sector in Saudi Arabia.

In a related context, the Saudi Ministry of Labor added that the new strategy with the new program will greatly assist in the employment of all the youth of Saudi Arabia in the private sector.

In this regard, we monitor during the following report what is the program "elite" and what is the goal of that program: -

The goal of the elite program

The elite will be to increase competitiveness among enterprises under the supervision of the Saudi Ministry of Labor, which will reflect positively on raising Emiratisation rates and strengthening strategic partnerships with the private sector.

Who are the elite customers?

Al-Safwa's clients are establishments and companies that have been able to maintain the platinum range for a year, provided that the number of Saudis employed is about 250 or more.

On the other hand, all customers of Al-Safwa are distinguished by several services from other companies:

1. Priority answering their communications.
2. Dealing with their inquiries should not exceed 24 hours.
3. Priority of service provided through the company's customer service offices.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry classifies establishments among the elite customers in the case of its commitment to the percentage of Emiratisation and stay in the platinum range for a year, and the number of Saudi employees in it not less than 250 Saudi employees.

The Undersecretary for Labor Affairs at the Ministry, Abdul Majeed Al-Rushoudi, stressed that the elite program would increase competitiveness among the establishments under the supervision of the ministry, which reflected positively on raising the Emiratisation rates and the keenness of the establishments to stay within the scope of outstanding classification or upgrade to the highest level.