Khalid Abul Khail talks about the situation of arrivals in Saudi Arabia in the coming period
Khalid Abul Khail talks about the situation of arrivals in Saudi Arabia in the coming period

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labor today announced a new job plan that has been updated by the Saudi royal family and layoffs, according to some official newspapers within Saudi Arabia.

The Saudization plan of jobs that are to be launched in the year 2020 is intended primarily to provide the largest amount of jobs for all citizens in Saudi Arabia, but citizens who own the country in the first place and then the expatriates or expatriate workers or foreigners as they are called.

New Emiratisation plan for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia and Saudization of jobs
Al-Wasat newspaper highlighted in its report today, within the framework of the Saudi government's intention to start from the UN and the full preparation of the new resettlement plan as it is called, as it primarily targets all the special occupations, especially where expatriates work in Saudi Arabia, according to the Saudi Ministry of Labor.

Protocol between Saudi Ministry of Labor and Saudi Ministry of Health
In this regard, the reporter of Al-Nasr newspaper also revealed recently a protocol of cooperation between the Saudi Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, according to the Minister of Labor and Social Development Engineer Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi.

Localize all dental jobs and start deporting all dentists
The beginning of a recent agreement between the two ministries with mandatory decisions on the beginning of the process of resettlement objectively and gradually for all jobs related to dentistry in Saudi Arabia.

For its part, it has already been decided to start the implementation of the new Emiratization plan in all establishments where all dentists work in Saudi Arabia as the beginning of the initial stage, and will be primarily aimed at resettling about twenty-five percent, as of 01/08/1441 AH .

The second phase will be aimed at the localization of about thirty percent as of the date 01/08/1442 AH.

On the other hand, there will be no jobs for all dentists employed by expatriates in Saudi Arabia, which led the Saudi government to leave until they leave the country after leaving jobs in both phases.

Dr. Khalid Aba Al Khail reveals the details of the application of the decision to localize the dental profession
On the other hand, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Khalid Aba Al-Khail, issued a statement a few days ago and some very important statements that were highlighted by Al-Nasr newspaper employees, where it was revealed that the decision to resettle the dental profession will be applied to all establishments. There are more than three dentists working in the dental professions.

The beginning of the localization of occupations for all expats in Saudi Arabia for dentists
For his part, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, in his statements with Al-Nasr newspaper this morning, commented on the new ministerial decision, which he said, according to the framework of the initiative «Saudization of new occupations in Saudi Arabia», which is one of the initiatives of the Saudi Ministry of Labor announced on 1440/01 20 / e, which in fact seeks to provide new opportunities for all Saudi citizens with the legalization of the conditions of expatriate labor in Saudi Arabia, but limits.