King Salman issues new royal orders and implementation 2020
King Salman issues new royal orders and implementation 2020

King Abdullah Abdul Aziz issued new resolutions just a short time ago, King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued a number of royal decisions that concern all residents and expatriates to amend the status of arrivals inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In a related context, these decisions issued a few times ago by King Salman bin Abdulaziz were represented as follows: -

King Salman issues new ownership orders to all citizens, expats and implementation 2020

1 - Resolution No. 1 has included the "Saudi Supervision and Investigation and Administrative Investigation Authority" to the National Anti-Corruption and Corruption Commission and all infringers of public funds within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and amend its name to be "the Supervisory and Anti-Corruption Authority within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2 - Decision number two of the Saudi monarch to take over the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Commission until the completion of all the necessary legal procedures for that and work according to it to perform the powers of the head of the Supervision and Investigation Authority, and to exercise the powers of the head of the administrative investigation department, and he may authorize whom he deems to exercise some of those powers and powers.

3- The third decision comes in the establishment of a criminal investigation and prosecution unit in the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Commission, which is concerned with the criminal investigation and prosecution of criminal cases related to financial and administrative corruption.

4 - Decision No. four comes from the following King of Saudi Arabia to the Chairman of the Supervision and Anti-Corruption Commission within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Coordination with the Attorney General in order to continue the Public Prosecution in investigating cases of financial and administrative corruption in some regions of the Kingdom that do not have branches of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority , Provided that a tight mechanism is established between the Public Prosecution and the Authority to ensure that these cases are identified and followed up by the Authority and what it ends with.

5- Resolution No. (5) stipulates that the spatial competence in all cases related to financial and administrative corruption cases will be held by the competent court in Riyadh, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

6 - Resolution No. Six provides that the "Control and Anti-Corruption Commission" shall take the necessary measures in relation to the crimes of financial and administrative corruption, its perpetrators and parties, whether they are persons of a natural nature who are civil or military employees of the state, or who are contracted with them or others, or Of persons with moral character related to these crimes.

7 - Resolution No. 7 stipulates that the judgment issued by the competent court to convict any employee or his equivalent for a criminal crime related to financial and administrative corruption, will result in his dismissal from his job.

8 - The penultimate decision stipulates that if the investigation with the public employee or his equivalent results in strong suspicions affecting the dignity of the position or integrity, the head of the commission may, after taking the opinion of the head of the agency to which the employee belongs, proposing his dismissal by royal order, without affecting this to complete procedures The criminal case against him.

9 - The ninth and last decision if the wealth of the public employee occurred, and those in his rule after assuming the job increase not commensurate with the Saudi Ministry of Income or his resources based on evidence based on financial investigations by committing financial corruption crimes or any infringement on the territory of the state or public or administrative money, The burden of proof will be on him to verify that his funds were acquired through legitimate means, so the required wages will be completed by the Saudi Ministry of the Interior, and in case he is unable to prove its legitimate source, the results of the financial investigations shall be referred to the investigation and criminal prosecution unit in the authority, to investigate the concerned employee and take What is needed is a system and Hajj is done All the money that employee.