A “disease-free certificate” is a condition for issuing an entry permit for nationals of countries exempt from visa to enter the UAE.

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security stipulated that a disease-free certificate be presented as one of the documents required to issue entry permits for nationals of countries exempt from visa, in addition to submitting the original passport and a colored personal photo.

She pointed out that the compulsory and optional documents may differ according to the data entered in the application.

The authority indicated on its website that the procedures for issuing entry permits to the state are carried out through 3 channels, which are the authority’s website, or the smart application by accessing the smart services system, logging in with the digital identity or the user name, searching for the service to be applied for, filling in the data and paying the fees if Available, or through the Authority’s Customer Happiness Centers, or by visiting the nearest authorized typing office.