All UAE residents can order medicines from pharmacies to their homes thanks to a new initiative launched by the UAE Ministry of Health, as most outpatient pharmacies in Abu Dhabi

The UAE Ministry of Health provides home delivery service to facilitate patients' access to their medications, especially the elderly, those with serious diseases and those who live in remote areas, but the timing of the launch of the service came at a time when the new Corona epidemic is spreading and the government urges all citizens and residents to stay in their homes in addition to the physical distance to contain The epidemic.

The Ministry of Health allows pharmacies to collect certain fees, but the estimate is due to each pharmacy if it intends to impose fees on the service and the medicines that are allowed to be delivered to homes are sold directly to the patient without a prescription, but their safe use requires professional advice in addition to the drugs that according to the law require a prescription To spend it.

For patients wishing to obtain controlled drugs, they must obtain a special permit from the Abu Dhabi Health Department to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met, as failure to use these drugs responsibly can lead to addiction and misuse.