The UAE provides foreigners with 5 categories of long-stay visas without a sponsor

The UAE digital government stated that there are 5 categories of visas that enable individuals to obtain long-term residency without a sponsor in the UAE, which are 10-year residence visa without a sponsor, 5-year residence visa without a sponsor, and 5-year retirement visa for residents of The UAE, the golden residency program - flourished in Abu Dhabi - and included its own set of conditions for obtaining 5- or 10-year visas, and a retirement visa in Dubai.

She pointed out that the duration of the residence visa varies according to the type of visa and the sponsor, and it can be issued for a period of one, two or three years, or for five or ten years without the need for a sponsor.

It indicated that according to recent developments in the policies of issuing residence visas, residence visas for five years and ten years can be issued for specific categories and according to certain conditions.

The UAE has implemented a long-term residence visa system, for five or ten years, that is automatically renewed, when the same conditions are met, for certain categories that include investors, entrepreneurs and specialized talents. This new system allows residents of the UAE and foreign expatriates
And their families wishing to come to work, live and study in the country, the possibility of enjoying long-term residency without the need for an Emirati sponsor, with a 100% ownership percentage within the emirates of the country, contrary to the custom that requires a local partner with a share of no less than 51% in business and investment projects within the emirates of the state.

In September 2018, the UAE government adopted a new system allowing the granting of a long-term visa to retired residents over the age of 55.

Under the new system, a retired expatriate is granted a 5-year residence visa, which is automatically renewed if any of the following conditions are met, that the retiree owns an investment in real estate worth two million dirhams, or his financial savings are not less than one million dirhams, or proof of income of at least 20,000 dirhams monthly.

To learn about the controls and conditions related to the programs that enable foreigners to obtain long-term residency in the UAE, you can visit the digital government website