The video of a Qatari official assaults an Asian worker and takes pride in his insult.
The video of a Qatari official assaults an Asian worker and takes pride in his insult.

Qatar today recounts continuing to run over the rights of expatriate workers in Qatar. A security official in Asian Qatari workers is being subjected to severe and disgraceful beatings, according to what Qatar has reported inside the Doha opposition website about the fact of preparing this news.

On the other side of the pioneers of the social networking site continued today's event, which combines the wrath of everyone from different Arab countries sympathize with the Asian factor, and the Qatari official did not stop at hit factor.
Where he had hired one of his friends filmed this factor the poor insults even documented the incident video, which was broadcast through social networking sites and even insulting the dignity of the worker Asian who is not helpless, and while everyone calls today to stop this in charge of the work for what he did this factor helpless .
Where trading video worker Aloiaoa offended by, the official appeared, which assails severely beat Asian newcomer who was sitting inside a white car, and the center of the screams factor to stop the country from beating, in contrast louder voices of laughter and insults by the Qatari official and his friends.
At the same time comes in which the Qatar faces charges of violating the rights of migrant workers from the significant increase in the number of working hours and delayed salaries and I said it as well as working in inhumane conditions may have to deal with any Qatari nationality of expatriate labor by working in Qatar have.
On the other level has stated site Qtrelix, the sources revealed demonstrated in the number of expatriate workers in the Doha area, to participate in the creation of 2022 World Cup hosted by Qatar after two years from now golf projects.
As it was pointed out that this demonstration came due to the delay in the payment of their salaries, and that, 4 months ago, they did not receive any of the greatest sum of time.
And Omtnao work, given the harsh conditions in which they live, and raise many of the participants of the demonstration placards stating that they have not received salaries since 4 months, was available to them conveniently and who number nearly one million Asian workers housing.
The report's reports were internationalist, revealing the tragic conditions of workers in Qatar, due to the risk of heat stress during the summer season, and this is not a problem.
While evidence report gentile, that there is a high or serious danger posed to workers Ge Qatar and most expats in Qatar, due to work under high temperature, where the report was based on data from 125 workers in Qatar, some of whom work in the next World Cup 2022 World Cup stadiums And others on the farm.
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