Corona virus
Corona virus

Increased Corona virus infection in the UAE and Lebanon .. Corona virus spread in Iran.

Increase the number of people infected with Corona virus in the UAE
The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the diagnosis of two new cases with the newly emerging coronavirus (known as COVID19)

The two new cases belong to two people, one of Filipino citizenship, 34 years old, and the other from Bangladesh, 39 years old, and their health condition is stable .. Thus the total number of cases detected in the case is 11 cases, 3 of which were previously announced.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection affirmed that it takes all necessary measures, including investigation, examination and follow-up of communications in the context of its precautionary measures in cooperation with the health authorities in the country and strengthening the disease control mechanism of any epidemiological health efficiently and sustainably to enhance confidence in preventive measures in coordination With all concerned parties with various sectors with the aim of harnessing all national capabilities and capabilities.

Important advice from the UAE Ministry of Health after the rise in the number of Corona patients in the UAE
The "Ministry of Health and Community Protection" advised the public to follow preventive health measures and measures and review educational brochures available on its website and the official websites of the country's health authorities.

She recommended community members to adopt healthy behavior that helps protect individuals from infectious diseases such as caring for the health of hands and washing them well with water and soap and covering the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of germs and viruses, while stressing that, in cooperation with partners, it follows an epidemiological monitoring mechanism according to the highest practices International to ensure effective competence in epidemiological surveillance and appropriate response to health emergencies in accordance with WHO standards.

Corona virus spread in Iran
The Iranian authorities announced the increase in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus, as well as the increasing number of deaths today, where two additional people died, bringing the total number to 4 deaths, while calling on everyone to exercise caution, announcing the spread of the Corona virus across the country and not in the summits alone.

Urgent measures from the Gulf and Arab countries after the recent news regarding the spread of the Corona virus in neighboring countries
Kuwaiti urgent measures
Immediately, the Ministry of "Kuwaiti Health" invited citizens and residents from countries where Corona injuries were registered in the past two weeks ... to communicate with them urgently, according to what was reported by Al-Qabas newspaper.

Urgent procedures in Bahrain
For its part, the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs has directed all citizens and residents not to travel to Iran and the countries affected by the Corona virus, according to what was published in Al-Bilad newspaper.

The UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia have also announced that they have taken the highest preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease.