identity cards

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security confirmed that it is mandatory to issue a new identity card, within 120 days from the date of birth, for a new born inside the country and for a resident sponsor, noting that its validity is according to what is allowed according to the residence of the sponsor.

The authority provides, through its website and smart application, the service of issuing a new Emirates ID card for the first time. It requires the customer to provide a copy of the passport, the e-dirham system receipt, the original entry permit, a personal photo, a birth certificate, a copy of the sponsor's passport, and his residence.

The authority has set a set of terms and conditions, in order to be able to issue a new identity for a newborn, among which is that the sponsor’s residency is effective, in the event that the newborn has a fine that must be paid first, and then submit the residency and identity application to the ordinary resident, not the new born, and the unified number that was Pay the fine, and before starting the application, a passport must be issued for the new born.

It cautioned that the application is canceled electronically after 30 days in the event that the application is returned due to deficiencies in the data, or failure to complete the required documents, and the application is canceled in the event that it is returned three times due to deficiencies in the data, or failure to complete the required documents, and it includes the steps for issuing the identity card. For a new baby, there are five steps: filling in the data and then inserting the attachments, paying the fees, evaluating the service, and receiving the transaction by e-mail.

The authority confirmed that obtaining an Emirates ID card is mandatory for residents of the country, residents of all categories and businesses, who have been issued residency permits.

She stated that a fine of 20 dirhams for each day of delay is imposed on resident customers when they submit an application for obtaining an identity card for more than 30 days from the date of issuance of the residence permit. Customers who meet the terms and conditions of the exemption from administrative delay fees service can apply for the exemption service.

The authority had recently launched the new generation of the identity card, which has high-quality features, and aims to achieve the vision of the UAE, by developing a system for the quality of population registry data, based on international best practices in managing the personal identity system.

The most important characteristics of the new generation of the ID card include providing it with advanced technologies that reduce security risks as a result of forgery and counterfeiting in the use process, and added fields and identification codes, such as the data of the employer, the head of the family, the job title for residents, as well as the identity card issuer, and the protection of the identity card. Enhanced data that is not visible on the card, with the aim of strengthening the electronic link system between institutions to ensure the up-to-dateness of data, and to enhance the process of interconnection and integration.

The new card also has advanced technical and technological features, including activating the contactless reading feature, which contributes to enhancing health security for members of the UAE community, especially with the frequent use of the ID card in various fields in government and semi-governmental institutions, as well as in the private sector.

The most important features of the new card are the printing of names with a laser technology, so that they are engraved on the card, which contributes to preserving its quality and quality, as well as enhancing the vital characteristics and fingerprints of individuals present in the old card.