UAE: 4 procedures to implement the 3-day weekend system

The Sharjah Private Education Authority identified four procedures for the mechanism of implementing the weekly holiday system for private schools in the emirate, and allowed each school to determine the appropriate procedure for it to implement.

In a circular issued and distributed to schools yesterday, the authority stated that private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah have the right to apply one or a number of specific procedures, as it deems appropriate to modify their circulation time and working times in line with their privacy and the requirements of their curricula.
The circular mentioned the four procedures, first of which, private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah have the right to increase the duration of the school day and modify its circulation and the duration of the class as it deems appropriate, in a manner that fulfills the requirements of the curriculum followed without reducing the number of classes prescribed for each subject.
Second: Private schools have the right to add a maximum of three hours per week by applying the distance learning system, after the end of the school day, in line with the objectives and requirements of the curriculum.
Third: Private schools have the right to increase a maximum working week over the number of days of the current academic year, either by converting the flexible vacation week granted to schools in the approved school calendar, into school days, or extending the current school year for an additional working week before the start of the summer vacation.
Third: Private schools that apply the Ministry of Education curriculum adhere to the timetable specified by the Ministry regarding assessment and exams only, and they have the right to apply the appropriate procedures mentioned to modify their academic schedules and academic smile.
The authority indicated that the specific procedures came after meeting and consulting with representatives of private schools in Sharjah, and reviewing the requirements of the various curricula, and the mechanism for implementing the four-day-a-week work system, and to ensure a smooth transition during the current academic year.