The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021, regarding the regulation of labor relations, set eight conditions or cases for employers to deduct or deduct a worker’s wages, stressing that if there are multiple reasons for deduction or deduction from wages, there is no In all cases, the percentage of deduction or deduction may exceed 50% of the worker's wage.

The ministry stated, during an indicative campaign launched on its official pages on social media platforms, to introduce the rights and obligations of workers in the private sector, within the framework of the new legislation, that the first cases in which it is permissible to deduct from the worker’s wage is to recover the loans granted to the worker, within the maximum deduction percentage. The monthly wage of the worker stipulated in this article, after the worker’s written consent, without any interest. Deduction for the purposes of calculating participation in bonuses, retirement pensions, and insurances in accordance with the legislation in force in the country.

The ministry indicated that cases of deduction from the worker’s wage include the payment of the worker’s contributions to the establishment’s provident fund or loans owed to the fund, approved by the ministry, the payment of premiums for any social project or any other benefits or services provided by the employer and approved by the ministry, provided the approval of The clerical worker has to participate in the project, as well as pay the amounts deducted from the worker due to the violations he commits in accordance with the list of penalties in force in the facility and approved by the Ministry.

The list of the eight cases of deduction from the worker’s wage also included the payment of the debts due in implementation of a space judgment, with no more than a quarter of the wage due to the worker, with the exception of the alimony debt awarded, where more than a quarter of the wage may be deducted. The concession, as well as the payment of the amounts necessary to repair the damage caused by the worker, as a result of his mistake or violation of the employer’s instructions, that led to the destruction, destruction or loss of tools, machines, products or materials owned by the employer, provided that the deductions do not exceed five days’ wages. per month, and an amount more than that may not be deducted except upon the approval of the competent court.