UAE: Imposing new obligations on tenants..Details

In this context, some tenants in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi revealed that real estate owners canceled the benefits and facilities they granted to tenants due to the repercussions of the spread of Corona.

The most important privileges they granted to tenants due to Corona were:

First: Giving them additional free months stipulated in the lease agreement.

Second: Pay the rent on a monthly basis, not annually.

On the other hand, the tenants indicated that there is a state of insistence on the part of some landlords regarding the collection of rent through four cheques.

On the other hand, some owners explained that the withdrawal of privileges and facilities came as follows:

First: With the aim of compensating for the decline in rental values.

Second: The situation is currently witnessing a significant increase in the demand for rental.

Third: the availability of cash (cash), the presence of liquidity in the market, and the improvement of companies' conditions.