UAE launches initiative to discount the value of vehicle plates

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a strategic initiative aimed at discounting the value of 2,224 distinctive, non-proprietary license plates of two, three, four and five digits (A, B and C) that are owned by a number of individuals in the Emirate of Dubai.

Abdullah Yousif Al Ali, Executive Director of the Licensing Corporation at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said: “The discount rate for special numbers ranges between (4%) and (80%) of the value of owning the number, knowing that the market value of these special numbers is high considering The Roads and Transport Authority aims to launch this initiative to delight people, which is one of the strategic objectives of the Authority, and if it has these numbers of old symbols registered on vehicles or saved in traffic files, allows owners to dispose of them, pointing out that the total number The figures covered in this initiative informs There are 2224 numbers, of which 91 are binary, 792 are triple, 541 are quad, and 787 are five.

Al Ali called on those wishing to own these distinctive non-owned numbers to complete the required procedures to acquire them through a number of channels: the Authority's website, customer happiness centers and service providers.