Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality reported that it has worked to implement intensive inspection and control campaigns to address violations that are offensive to the civilized appearance of the city, especially random behaviors that may be carried out by individuals or institutions, such as disposing of public waste in other places, spitting in public places, and pasting advertisements or publications that distort the public appearance. for the city.

The municipality explained to "Emirates Today" that it had observed random behaviors by people, violating local order No. 11 of 2003, offensive to the civilized appearance of the emirate, and distorting public places.

She added, "There are work teams across the emirate to implement the local order and issue warnings and violations for individuals who do not comply with the provisions of the local order regarding public hygiene in Dubai."

She pointed out that in addition to the municipality's inspectors, there are a large number of community members who have the status of judicial police, which in turn enables them to monitor violators, and to verify the compliance of the persons addressed with the provisions of the legislation, with the duties imposed on them by these legislation and not violating its provisions.

The holder of the judicial police controls the violations, collects information and evidence related to them, receives the notifications and complaints received by him regarding the violations related to his job, and takes the necessary measures and measures to preserve all evidence related to the committed violation, and writes a record of seizure with the facts and actions taken by him. , provided that he has integrity, functional honesty, impartiality and objectivity.

The municipality also observed the phenomenon of people digging into waste containers scattered in residential neighborhoods, to extract metallic waste, which they use to profit from it, which exposes them to the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. Work teams to issue warnings and violations for individuals who are not committed to public hygiene.