The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in the United Arab Emirates has announced to expatriates and those wishing to go to the Emirates all the necessary steps to issue a multi-entry "tourist visa" for all nationalities.

According to the newspaper, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship stated that it is possible for all persons to issue a tourist visa to enter the UAE through the official website

In a related context, the authority announced that registration for obtaining a multi-entry tourist visa will take place through several basic steps stipulated, namely:

The first step: You start by logging into the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship of the United Arab Emirates.

The second step: Go through the process of selecting "Smart Channels".

The third step:. Logging into the system using the personal account of the applicant.

Fourth Step: Select the service through the control panel, then the services map, then the administration (Emirate) the main service by choosing (Visa) and choosing the service (multiple trips), then choosing the sub-service (long-term tourism 5 years for all nationalities) and then choosing the type of procedure which is (a group version family)

Fifth Step: The applicant fills in the necessary data in addition to all the application data, attachments, and associated drafts.

In the end, the applicant reviews the application and fees, according to Al Bayan newspaper.