UAE: Police assign 5 procedures to drivers at a stop sign

Abu Dhabi Police identified five basic steps for drivers to enhance their safety and the safety of others when committing to stop at a stop sign in a video broadcast on its social media platforms as part of its efforts to raise digital traffic awareness.

She mentioned that the steps are first: Completely stop at a stop sign at any corner or intersection, or at the white continuous line indicating a stop.

Second: Do not continue driving the vehicle until after making sure that the road is clear.

Third: Give way to vehicles coming from the other direction.

Fourth: If there is a vehicle parked before you, you must stop behind it and then stop again at the stop sign, then move.

Fifth: Always give priority to pedestrians before setting off.

And she stressed that failure to stop completely at a stop line may cause serious collisions due to drivers' failure to use intersections and junctions correctly.

It urged drivers to give priority to vehicles traveling on the main roads and to vehicles coming from non-main roads or minor stops to make way for those vehicles to cross.

She indicated that she will not tolerate the application of the law for drivers who are not committed to a complete stop at the stop line for their safety, as the fine for drivers not complying with traffic signs and instructions is 500 dirhams.