Public holiday
Public holiday

Private schools suspend studying for a week .. Starting next Sunday.

Some parents confirmed that their children who are studying in British curriculum schools have been notified that school will stop starting from tomorrow, under the name of "mid-term leave", which has caused them confusion, especially the families in which the parents work, and they have no one to care for the children during working hours, What requires one of them to obtain leave from his work.

Where some of the parents objected to the large number of school stops, explaining that the students returned less than a month before the first semester leave, which amounted to 21 days, demanding the cancellation of such leave and adding these days to the summer vacation.

Parents reported that stopping the studies every month does not benefit the students, and their focus is distracted, as most of them believe that the leave is for rest, and when returning to school he needs time to get used to commitment and study again, then it is soon that he gets a second vacation, pointing to exaggeration throughout the year Scholasticism, although studying has stopped several times, is not beneficial.

Students' parents emphasized that if the curriculum does not need all the days specified in the school year, it is better to shorten it and include the breaks to the summer vacation.

With students in the second and third stages, they expressed their concern that teachers were unable to finish explaining the courses because of the many vacations that reduced the number of actual days of study, which results in teachers being satisfied with explaining lessons without stopping for review or clarification, which in turn needs additional time.

The students explained that the first semester witnessed the same leave and it was consequent that the number of days remaining from the first semester became insufficient to complete the curriculum, which led to the teachers explaining under time pressure to finish the curriculum, which resulted in explaining more than one lesson per class in sometimes.

On the other hand, some school administrations have announced that they stop studying in the middle of each academic semester, aiming to reduce the burdens on teachers and students, especially since the second half of each semester includes formal tests at the end of them, which are preceded by the evaluation exams, so giving students a week's leave provides them with an opportunity to break down from Study fees and time to review the curriculum, in addition to providing psychological relief for teachers and relieving pressure on school personnel, which contributes to raising the level of the educational process and improving the quality of its outputs.

School calendar

The Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi has confirmed that it determines the school calendar and the minimum hours of teaching at a minimum of 175 school days per school year, and the principal can discuss the school calendar with the school board of trustees, provided that each school presents its school calendar eight months before The start of the school year to obtain department approval.

The Department stated in the Guide to Private Schools Policies, that schools are obliged to submit the annual school calendar to obtain the department's approval within the specified period, and to inform school staff, students, and parents about the annual school calendar.