UAE :Taking phone photos causes imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 dirhams

The legal advisor, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, warned selfie enthusiasts, in public or closed places, and at wedding parties, against violating the privacy of others, by taking pictures and videos of others without their consent, and publishing them on social media, as this is considered A crime punishable by the law of cybercrime and rumors, and the penalty for which is imprisonment and a fine of up to half a million dirhams.

Al-Sharif said, in episodes broadcast by "Emirates Today" on its platforms to shed light on the newly issued laws, that the issue of photographing others without obtaining their permission causes many problems, and may differentiate between a married couple, adding that it has several forms, including photographing another person. Without his knowledge, for example, he was in a certain place, and his life partner saw him in this place, and for whatever reason, he hides this matter from his partner, so a problem arises between them, and the reason is to photograph a person himself and others, without caring, and to publish pictures.

He pointed out that some crimes occurred because of filming, including what happened several years ago, when a Gulf man beat an Asian, because the victim was filming himself and his friends in the restaurant, while the killer was sitting with his fiancée in the same place, and asked him to erase the photos and not He took pictures, and when he refused, a quarrel occurred between them, which resulted in a murder.

Al-Sharif stressed the importance of individuals taking caution when taking photos, and checking the contents of the photo before circulating it, as there may be other people in it who do not want to appear, and they can sue the photographer for what he did. He pointed out that some women used to photograph the bride and the guests, despite the fact that there was a warning not to photograph, and therefore every picture that one of them photographed secretly and without the knowledge or consent of the bride is a crime, especially since it will not be revealed unless the picture is published, but in its entirety if it happens and a complaint is filed from the bride Or her family, because of published photos, the person who took the photo will be sued, and her device, whether the mobile phone or the camera, that was taken from the photo will be sued, and the penalty will be imprisonment and a fine. denotes its owner.

He pointed out that the second item of Article 44 of the Rumors Law stipulated a penalty of imprisonment for a period of no less than six months, and a fine of no less than 150,000 dirhams, and not more than 500,000 dirhams, and allocated it to anyone who took pictures of others, in any public place, or private, or preparing, transmitting, disclosing, copying or retaining electronic images.