UAE: The Labor Committee begins entertainment operations for expatriates

The Permanent Committee for Labor Affairs in Dubai organized today an entertaining and educational initiative entitled “Workers’ entertainment and learning about the Emirati heritage”, targeting 150 workers, in the presence of Abdullah Lashkri Mohammed, Secretary General of the Permanent Committee for Labor Affairs in the Emirate of Dubai, and members of the Permanent Committee for Labor Affairs in the Emirate of Dubai , and employees of the Permanent Committee for Labor Affairs in the Emirate, in the Heritage Village located in the Al-Habbab area of ​​Dubai

Major General Obaid Muhair bin Suroor, Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai and Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Labor Affairs in the Emirate of Dubai, said, "The initiative of the Workers' Heritage Day expresses the spirit of originality and civilization that characterizes the UAE, as this initiative comes within the framework of the social responsibility that we seek. Through it, it organizes events and recreational activities that contribute to the happiness of workers, in addition to the cultural aspect that leads to introducing them to the heritage of the UAE and its long history, which extends to ancient civilizations, which contributes to making workers transmit the message of the state and its bright history to their countries.”

He added, "The Emirate of Dubai cares about the category of workers and is keen to take care of their rights, and seeks to provide all their needs and requirements, in line with the national identity whose principles are derived from the values ​​of tolerance inherited by the founding fathers as authentic values ​​rooted in the history of the Emirati people and passed on by children, so that the UAE would be a model and an example. Distinguished in the humanitarian fields related to the care and preservation of workers' rights, and providing them with a decent life, punctuated by their involvement in activities and events dedicated to them.

Bin Suroor pointed out that the Emirate of Dubai considers workers a main driver and pillar of its economy, due to the effort, experience and efficiency they provide in business, which leads to honoring them and appreciating their achievements by providing space for recreational and cultural activities, which enhances Dubai's position as one of the most attractive global destinations. For those wishing to work on its land, given the abundance of opportunities it offers in various sectors, and the strength of laws and legislation that regulate their work mechanisms and preserve their rights.

A bundle of activities and events

The initiative program includes a package of recreational activities that include an explanation of the Emirati heritage, in an interesting and innovative manner, aimed at introducing workers to the history and ancient heritage of the UAE, as well as showing them the civilizations that lived in this land and the routes it took as vital trade routes that lasted for hundreds of years.

The event program also provides for the provision of meals and popular dishes in a move aimed at introducing the target audience to the most prominent types of popular foods that the Emirati people are famous for, as well as an interactive activity that includes for workers wishing to ride camels, to inform them of the importance of camels and their status throughout Emirati history, in addition to being a popular sport among Emirati people.

The event program allows workers to learn about the sport of falconry, which is famous in the UAE, in addition to a paragraph to preserve this memory with the workers by photographing them with camels and falcons, before the event concludes with a cultural and poetic paragraph through the presentation of poems by the workers themselves.

It is noteworthy that the UAE is one of the largest countries receiving foreign workers, as it is keen, in light of the increase in labor flows, to educate them about their rights, and works to preserve them through a package of laws that regulate the relationship between workers and employers, in addition to providing them with instructions and brochures that inform them of their rights and duties. and directing them to the competent bodies in cases in which they are subjected to injustice, which has earned the state credibility and strengthened its position at the global level.