UAE: The Ministry of Health warns all citizens and residents after discovering the presence of harmful products

It was mentioned in an urgent matter from the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the United Arab Emirates warning all citizens and residents of some medical products that negatively affect the health of patients during their use.

In this context, the Ministry warned, in a statement, against some products, including:

One of the operations of the medical device “VACUTAINER BLOOD COLLECTION TUBE”, due to the possibility of a lack of filling the tubes to an incorrect percentage of blood additives, which may lead to false test results that may in turn lead to incorrect diagnosis or treatment, and recommended that health authorities take the necessary measures regarding Withdrawal of the mentioned batch of the product, which bears the number “0316293”.
It also warned against 10 runs of the “hurricane rx biliary balloon dilatation catheter” product, which is intended for use by primary healthcare practitioners, due to reported complaints of holes in the balloon, where the user may notice that the balloon either loses pressure quickly or fails to gain or maintain pressure. It may pose a risk to the health of patients during use.
The ministry also warned against implementing the medical product “Puritan Bennett 980 series Ventilator” due to mechanical ventilation, as a patient suffered from complications in the heart and respiratory system and died three days later, and investigations revealed that the root cause was due to a manufacturing error. This is according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.