UAE: Urgent statement on passports

The Emirati passport has continued its progress over the past few days to climb back to the first place in the world, according to the “Passport Index” index of the “Arton Capital Global Financial Consulting” company, despite the travel challenges associated with the “Covid 19” pandemic, as many countries The world over the past year closed its borders to travelers as a precaution.

According to "Passport Index", the Emirati passport ranked first in the world by entering 152 countries around the world, including 98 countries without a prior visa, and 54 countries whose visas are obtained online or upon arrival, with a difference of entering 6 countries from the second place it occupied. New Zealand can enter 146 countries without a visa.

According to the global index, 9 countries ranked third in the world with entry to 144 countries: Germany, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, and the passports of 6 other countries currently occupy the fourth place in the world by entering 143 countries around the world without a visa. They are: Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, and Ireland.

In fifth place in the world were the passports of France, Malta, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America, with entry to 142 countries without a prior visa.

It is noteworthy that before the spread of the Corona pandemic at the beginning of the year 2020, the UAE passport was ranked first in the world in terms of strength according to the international classification, since its rise to first place in December 2018, as it allowed its holder to enter 178 countries, including 118 countries without a prior visa, and 60 A country with an electronic visa or upon arrival at the airport. The Corona pandemic has disrupted the movement of travel globally, which has led to a total decrease in the power of passports due to the continued closure of entry and exit by some countries due to the outbreak of the pandemic in them, and despite these challenges, the UAE passport has retained its strength.

It is noteworthy that in 2015, the UAE passport received a strong boost according to the index, after the decision was issued to exempt citizens from the "Schengen" visa for the European Union countries, which included 26 countries, in addition to 8 other countries in Europe outside the European Union.