Update and amend travel procedures to and from the country's airports

The UAE government held a periodic briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the emerging coronavirus in the country, "Covid-19", during which it announced the update of the travel protocol for non-vaccinated citizens of the UAE, starting next Tuesday, in addition to updating the protocol for arrivals to the country, noting. The UAE topped the UAE for the countries of the world with a population of more than one million people in dealing with the pandemic in the proportion of those who received the vaccine in full.

In detail, the official spokesman for the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, Dr. Taher Al-Buraik Al-Amiri, stressed the keenness of all concerned authorities since the beginning of the pandemic to proactively activate a preparedness plan that included the qualification of response and monitoring teams to ensure the sustainability of the state’s infrastructure, enable national resources, and enhance the strategic stock In addition to building a statistical system through an accurate information network in accordance with international systems to ensure a balanced and flexible workflow among all teams.

Al-Amiri said: "In the past period, we have witnessed a remarkable decrease in the number of cases of Covid-19 infection, due to the tireless efforts made by the health sector and all national authorities, where the state has achieved fruitful achievements that indicate institutional and societal harmony at all levels to address crises." .

He added, "Maintaining these gains depends on the extent of the public's commitment, as solidarity in societal care is the best way to overcome, recover and return to the new normal life of the state," stressing that the gradual opening requires a shared responsibility from everyone to preserve the health of everyone, especially the groups most vulnerable to infection. To enhance the state’s achievements and gains to contain the pandemic and achieve the goals within the proactive response plans.

He stressed that the UAE is continuing to search for best practices and ways to combat the epidemic, and a continuous and effective review globally and locally of all variables that may occur in the Covid-19 virus to activate a proactive response that guarantees adaptation and restoration of a new lifestyle based on health care and community awareness, stressing that the response to the crisis It is still ongoing, and the changes are still under the eyes of all national agencies in the country, as the UAE always strives to preserve the health and safety of all individuals first, protect national gains and stability of living, and it is the role of all of us to contribute to preserving these gains through continued societal commitment .

Al-Amiri revealed that the UAE topped the countries of the world with a population of more than one million people in dealing with the pandemic in the proportion of those receiving the vaccine in full, according to the index of the best performing countries globally during the Covid-19 pandemic issued by our world in data global scientific website. In the same indicator, it ranked second globally in the ratio of the number of tests per 1000 people, and ranked fourth globally in the rate of vaccines per 100 people, with the first place in the proportion of recipients of at least one dose of the vaccine globally, in addition to the UAE ranked tenth globally in the proportion of the number of tests, And the ninth place globally in the percentage of low number of deaths, noting that the country has not recorded any deaths from Covid-19 since last March 8.

Al-Amiri announced the update of the travel protocol for non-vaccinated citizens of the UAE, starting next Tuesday, April 19, noting that the new update comes in line with the UAE policy in supporting sustainable recovery efforts and the return to a new normal life, and stipulates allowing the travel of unvaccinated people with doses. The main or supporting doses from citizens, provided that a PCR test is performed within 48 hours from the date of departure, with the need to complete the travel forms in the Al-Hosn application to turn the application status to green.

He stressed the need to follow preventive and precautionary measures for all travelers during and before travel, to investigate the epidemiological situation in travel destinations, and to communicate with diplomatic missions in the countries of travel in case of suspected infection, while making sure to activate the “My presence” service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in order to ensure the safety of Citizens of the country during travel for all emergency circumstances.

Al-Amiri also announced the update of the protocol for arrivals to the country as well, as those under the age of sixteen who are not vaccinated will be exempted from the requirement of PCR laboratory examination upon arrival, with the need to adhere to all preventive and precautionary measures in force in the country, noting that the latest measures of Covid statistics 19 - The country shows a balance as the country enters the stage of recovery from the pandemic, where stability has been observed in the decrease in the number of cases and the continuation of the pace of no deaths being recorded for a noticeable period.

Al-Amiri called on all members of society to continue to adhere to the precautionary measures of wearing masks as much as possible, leaving safe social distances, washing and sterilizing hands constantly, preserving the groups most vulnerable to infection, avoiding gatherings, and other various necessary precautionary measures.

He stressed that adhering to preventive measures, adopting a culture of self-protection and social responsibility, and preserving the state's gains are more important today than ever before, as maintaining the stability we have reached today in light of different waves in the world is a societal challenge for all of us.