Urgent.. 15 days off from work during the month of Ramadan

Teachers and officials in private schools in Abu Dhabi confirmed that Ramadan this year will be the easiest for students in recent years, as it includes 15 days of school leave, in addition to 3 days of half-time, in addition to reducing the number of school hours to only 4 hours, noting that the first 9 Days in Ramadan that come within the second semester leave "spring break", while the rest of the days of Ramadan, which will fall within the school days of the third semester, include 6 days of weekly holidays, in addition to 3 days of half-time "Friday".

The teachers expected that the first week of the third semester would witness a great return for students after the decision of the Department of Education and Knowledge, that students of all school levels must adhere to the classroom education model, starting from the next semester until the end of the school year, noting that the school day will be reduced in number of hours throughout the month. The study is only 4 hours, from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.

For its part, the Department of Education and Knowledge confirmed the abolition of the mandatory physical distancing in closed areas and inside classrooms at the beginning of the next semester, while continuing the mandatory wearing of masks in closed places, with the exception of kindergarten students. Under this modernization, schools will be able to return to educational operations at full capacity, in a way that allows all students to return to their classrooms.

The department indicated that unvaccinated students aged 16 years and over will be able to return to the classroom education model for the first time, provided that they submit a negative test result every seven days, allowing all students the opportunity to continue their educational journey alongside their peers in the classroom.