Urgent.. 4 excluded categories can be absent

Private schools in Sharjah have excluded four categories of students from the actual school hours, with the start of the full return of face-to-face education during the third semester, which begins today.

The school administrations sent the students’ families a list of the groups excluded from attendance education, and the requirements that must be met to accept the exceptions, namely: students with chronic, high-risk disease, students with immunodeficiency diseases, due to a chronic disease, students who take long-term immunosuppressive drugs, and healthy students Living with a patient with a severe chronic disease.

She explained that these groups must bring a medical report from the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, which is detailed and certified by the ministry, and sent to the school clinic, with a recommendation to provide "distance" education for the student.

She pointed out that the report should include a description of the student's health condition, and a statement that he may be exposed to the risk of infection with the Corona virus, if he attends school.

She explained that the student who lives with a patient with a severe chronic disease must bring a detailed medical report from a doctor licensed by the ministry (consultant or specialist), certified by the ministry, and send it to the school clinic, with a recommendation to provide distance education for the student.

The report should also include the possibility that the patient at home is at risk of contracting the virus if the student attends school.

The schools confirmed the adoption of the "green passage" in the "Al-Hosn" application to enter educational institutions for workers and students, from the age of 12 years and above, after the decision of the Special Education Authority in Sharjah to fully return to attendance education.

She pointed out that students must bring a colored printed copy of the "green passage" and hand it over to the school door, to allow them to enter.

It is also required for those coming from outside the country to present a negative PCR test result for a period not exceeding 72 hours.

She pointed out that education will continue regularly in schools, and students will stay normally, with the importance of their commitment to daily attendance at schools in school uniform.