Urgent.. 4 categories of expatriates are eligible for 10-year residency (golden residency)

The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi confirmed that there are four main categories currently eligible for golden residency in the emirate: investors, entrepreneurs, students, and special talents, with the aim of strengthening the emirate's position as one of the most open and diversified destinations in the world.

The Executive Director of the Executive Affairs Office in the department, Sameh Al Qubaisi, told "Emirates Today" that some priority business sectors have been identified for granting golden residency in the emirate, including: developing sectors such as financial services, information technology, communications, and medical services, in addition to Organic pharmaceutical industry, agricultural technology, and tourism.

He added that each of these sectors has witnessed remarkable growth in the emirate over the past few years, and is still rich in many potentials to achieve economic transformation and pioneer innovation, pointing out that the emirate's goal is to be open to everyone, and to provide stability in it for distinguished international talents. .

Golden Residence

Al Qubaisi explained that the validity period of the golden residency is up to 10 years, renewable automatically, indicating that the golden residency provides the opportunity to live and establish business in Abu Dhabi without a sponsor, as it was not possible, before the launch of the golden residency program, to obtain the benefits without a sponsor.

He stressed that the golden residency for investors is available to businessmen and real estate investors looking to develop and develop their businesses in the emirate, and entrepreneurs who own or aspire to establish their projects in the emirate can apply for golden residency, pointing out that university graduates and high school students can also apply. Among the top achievers, benefit from the golden residence for outstanding students.

Al Qubaisi stated that the golden residency was launched for special talents, for the benefit of specialists, such as doctors, scientists, creators, inventors, holders of scientific degrees (PhD), and experts in the fields of education, sports and engineering.

He pointed out to the keenness to make the chances of obtaining golden residency equal before international talents, whether they are residing inside or outside the country, not to place any age restrictions, and to allow applicants to submit their applications under any of the golden residency categories, as long as they meet the necessary criteria for qualification.

New Partnerships

Al Qubaisi revealed that the Executive Affairs Office in the department is working to establish new partnerships with a number of entities in the emirate, to facilitate and facilitate obtaining the golden residency for different categories, and to enhance the demand for it. And “Masdar City” for the category of investors, entrepreneurs and project owners registered in its free zone, and the Department of Municipalities and Transport, to support real estate owners and real estate developers, as well as the Department of Culture and Tourism in the emirate, to enrich the cultural environment by attracting more artists and creators.

Residence for the investor

Al Qubaisi explained that to obtain the golden residency, as an investor, applicants must invest in a “deposit”, in a company that has been established, or in a share in a company with a value of not less than two million dirhams, and that the investors maintain the investment for a period of at least two years, starting from the date of Issuance of golden residency, or proof of payment of taxes imposed on the institution or company at a value of AED 250,000 annually for two years prior to the residence permit application.

He added that investors and businessmen can apply for a golden residency in the category of "entrepreneurs", which is issued for a period of five years, and in this case the applicant must have an existing project in the country with a value of at least 500,000 dirhams.

Al Qubaisi cautioned that there are some criteria for workers with entrepreneurs to obtain residency, in what is considered the maximum number of employees allowed to obtain golden residency, which is three executive directors for each entrepreneur.