Urgent.. 5 days off for private school students..Details

The Sharjah Private Education Authority called on private schools in the emirate to choose five days to apply as a holiday during the current academic year, in the context of providing students with welfare and happiness.

The authority confirmed to "Emirates Today" that the directive issued to each school includes allocating five days to each school in a flexible manner, so that it can be distributed over the school year as the school deems appropriate according to its schedule, provided that school hours resume upon the end of the vacation, noting that the decision comes from The Authority's desire to achieve students' happiness and relieve them from the pressure of the academic year.

School administrations in Sharjah decided to choose five days at the end of October, starting from October 27 to 31 of the same month, starting on Monday and ending on Thursday, bearing in mind that the emirate applies Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as a weekly holiday.

The students’ parents praised the decision, considering that it contributes to alleviating the academic pressure on their children, as well as the severe congestion in the roads every morning, which causes fatigue for the children.

The parents of students: Muhammad Al-Sayed, Ola Ibrahim, Yusra Abdullah, Jamal Abdel-Ati and Ahmed Noureddine, confirmed that the decision to allocate five days of leave for students during the school year by adding weekly rest days contributes to supporting students’ comfort and benefiting from what they studied during the last period of school hours.

They explained that the students were subjected to pressure during the last period between the length of the school day, as well as the length of the school bus trip due to overcrowding, in addition to some of them resorting to private lessons to strengthen their children's academic levels, which makes them need rest during the semester to study what they studied quietly without pressure, In addition, this helps parents to get closer to their children, especially since the length of the school day reduces the chances of family meetings due to the pressures of work on parents and the pressures of the school day on children.