Urgent.. 6 conditions for spouses to receive a government grant of 70 thousand

The UAE Digital Government reported that the UAE government provides its citizens with financial support for marriage. Clarifying the provisions of the marriage grant for those eligible and how to submit the application online.

She emphasized that the marriage grant in the UAE, in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. 5 of 2017 regarding the conditions, controls and procedures for disbursing the marriage grant, is disbursed to the beneficiary who meets the conditions of the grant on a sum of money for the marriage of (70,000 UAE dirhams) to be paid in one installment.

She stated, through her official account on social media, that in order to disburse the grant, the applicant must meet several controls, including:

That he and his wife be a citizen of the UAE
The husband's age shall not be less than (21) Gregorian years, and the wife's age less than (18) Gregorian years
To be incapable of the expenses of marriage, i.e. those with limited income, or those who benefit from social assistance
His net monthly income should not exceed (25,000 AED) after deducting the retirement allowance and housing allowance, if any
The applicant should not have benefited from the financial marriage grant at any previous time, or from any other grant in the state, or in a group wedding
The grant applicant should not be married with some exceptions, for example the death of his first wife. She pointed out that the Department of Marriage Grant at the Ministry of Community Development receives applications for granting marriages from citizens, processes them and grants them within the terms and controls of granting marriages approved by UAE law. Through the website of the Ministry of Community Development.