Urgent.. A fine of 150 thousand dirhams for a phone message

The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation decided to reject a lawsuit filed by the owner of the "Butcher" epic, requesting the cancellation of a ruling obligating him to lead to a corresponding epic, an amount of 150,000 dirhams, material and moral compensation for the damages he sustained, after he spread rumors about her, and sent a message to Her customers, warning them not to deal with her, because one of her workers was infected with “Corona”.

The company, importing, exporting and selling “butchery” meat, had filed a lawsuit against the owner of the butchery, asking him to oblige him to pay her an amount of 2 million dirhams, as compensation for material and moral damages, and what she missed as a result of the action of the defendant, with obligating him to pay fees and expenses. And for attorney fees.

The complaining company indicated that it works in the field of exporting, importing and selling meat, and that the defendant, the owner of a competing butchery, sent messages to its permanent customers, the content of which is that the workers working in the “complaining” company, one of them is infected with the Corona virus in a manner contrary to the truth and reality and its aim is to broadcast Fear them so that they avoid dealing with it and thus lose its customers.

The complaining company pointed out that this act led to a decrease in sales and that it suffered material and moral damage as a result of the defendant's act and the dissemination and promotion of lies, which affected the company's financial return.

The Court of First Instance ordered the defendant to pay the complainant an amount of 150,000 dirhams, as material and moral compensation for the damages he sustained, in addition to obligating him to pay fees and expenses.

For its part, the Court of Cassation clarified, in the merits of its ruling, that the defendant relied on the penal ruling, even though he had ruled his conviction that he had not explicitly decided that the defendant was the one who sent that message and based his judgment only on his ownership of the chip from which those messages were sent and the lack of knowledge pillar And that being infected with Corona disease is no longer an insult to the people affected by it or harming them, in addition to the fact that the compensation awarded is not commensurate with the harm. After deliberations, the court ruled that the appeal submitted by the defendant was not accepted, and obligated him to pay fees and expenses.