Urgent..a plane crash..and an official statement to mourn the victims

A few hours ago, an urgent official statement was issued by the concerned authorities in Tunisia after a helicopter crashed and crashed during an exercise mission, with three Tunisian military personnel on board.

The statement issued by the Tunisian authorities revealed that the helicopter, with 3 soldiers on board, had crashed and crashed in an area east of Tunisia.

On the other hand, official data reported that the Tunisian military plane had crashed hours before the evening of Tuesday, October 5, 2021, in one of the regions of the governorate of Gabes, east of Tunisia.

For his part, Mohamed Zakri, the official spokesman for the Tunisian Ministry of Defense, issued an urgent statement to Mosaique FM, in which he explained that a Tunisian military helicopter crashed during a night exercise in the Ben Ghilouf region of the delegation of Hamma, located in the state of Gabes.