An Iranian military helicopter approaches a US aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Oman.

Yesterday, Monday, November 15, 2021, the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) announced that a helicopter belonging to the Iranian naval forces approached one of the warships of the United States of America inside the Gulf of Oman region.

During a press conference held hours ago, the US Department of Defense described what the Iranian military helicopter had committed as a "serious accident".

In a related context, US Defense Department spokesman, John Kirby, stated at the conference, that an Iranian military helicopter dangerously approached the USS Essex aircraft carrier last Thursday, November 11, 2021 inside the Strait of Oman and flew around the aircraft carrier three times. At a distance of 25 yards, it flew 10 yards from the surface of the water.

For his part, the official spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby, pointed out that what happened is a serious matter because it may cause miscalculations on both sides, which threatens a dangerous military escalation.

Kirby made it clear that having another armed force flying like this would risk escalation and that this was unhelpful, but in the end the incident ended peacefully, but it was not a safe or professional operation at all.

It is worth noting that two days ago, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard published a video documenting the incident.