Urgent.. a strong depression hits the country within hours

The "National Center of Meteorology" expected an extension of a shallow air depression from the Red Sea and from southern Iran, accompanied by humid easterly and southeasterly winds, and explained that the presence of mountains and high temperatures would lead to the development of cumulus rain clouds.

He explained that the country will be affected, starting from Wednesday night, by an extension of an air depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere from the north, and the flow of clouds from the southwest towards it.

The center also expected an opportunity on Monday and Tuesday to form rainy local convective clouds over the east of the country and some of the interior regions.

The days from Wednesday night to Friday witness partly cloudy to cloudy conditions, with the chance of rain falling on separate areas, especially the western and southern regions of the country, and extending over some coastal areas and islands.

The winds will be moderate to active, with a speed that raises dust and dust at times. The sea waves will be light to moderate and turbulent at times, especially with convective clouds in the Arabian Gulf, light to medium waves in the Sea of ​​Oman.

The center announced that it is following up on the situation around the clock and that it continues to provide the latest developments, and appealed to everyone to follow the bulletins and reports issued by the center and not to circulate rumors.