Urgent..a warning to all citizens and residents of the latest bank fraud methods

Bank dealers said they had received emails that they had made purchases from known sites, and that the payment was still being processed.

They confirmed to "Emirates Today" that the email contains the details of their current bank account, and the logo of the bank they deal with, and indicates that the transaction was made using a direct debit card.

They pointed out that at the end of the message, there is an option: “Cancel the transaction” in a large box in green.

Some of the dealers said that they contacted the bank, to find out that the message was a bank fraud, and that the customer service center received more than one call in this regard, at a time when others resorted to the smart application on the mobile phone, to confirm the transaction, but they found that the bank account is as it is without A change.

Banking expert, Awatef Al-Harmoudi, told "Emirates Today": "Attempts to penetrate the banking develop as banks develop protection and security systems in them, and this is a long time ago."

She added: “As a result of the heavy reliance on electronic banking services since the beginning of the (Corona) virus pandemic until now, we are discovering various new ways by fraudsters, which calls for caution on the part of dealers, especially since banks and the Central Bank always warn of fraud, and the failure to share data. Banking with any party, or clicking on strange links.

Al-Harmoudi explained that «the fraudsters follow the behavior of the dealers, as they monitor the sites that dealers usually deal with, or the buying seasons such as schools, or on the occasion of Ramadan and holidays, then they send messages to the dealer, and if he responds to them, they can withdraw his balances and bank statements easily ».

Al-Harmoudi cautioned that these new attempts are usually dangerous in their infancy, because they are not spread or people are aware of them, so it is necessary to be careful, and read the e-mail address carefully, as there are usually one or two different letters from the original site mail, which was spoofed. Or use his image, here you should pay attention.

Al-Harmoudi advised the dealer to enter his bank account immediately to see if the suspicious transaction actually took place or not, stressing not to click on the unknown links.