Urgent.. A widespread spread of black fungus infection was recorded in Arab countries

In this context, Issam Al-Amin, Director of Al-Mouwasat University Hospital in Damascus, stated that the cases of the disease, in which the death rate is more than 50%, are not new, but their numbers increased, as one or two cases were recorded in the country, but after recording 0 cases of black fungus, the percentage of infections increased.

Issam Al-Amin, director of the University Hospital of Mowasat in Damascus, also stated that the black fungus disease is not contagious and affects immunocompromised people and people with corona, and it affects the skin and gives it a black color as a result of clotting in the arteries.

During the past few days, an increase in the number of accepted cases of invasive mucosal sinusitis (black fungus) was noted, and it was confirmed that they are being treated in the Mowasat Hospital, by a specialized team of otolaryngologists, infectious diseases and immunologists.

It is worth noting that the black fungus disease affects immunocompromised patients (immunocompromised), and in their clinical story there is infection with corona and the intake of large quantities of corticosteroids (corticosteroids), whose long use leads to a decrease in immunity and infecting patients with this type of opportunistic fungi that does not infect and does not infect those with immunity He said that the disease has several forms, the most important of which is the nasopharyngeal form, which is a serious disease with a death rate of more than 50%.

For its part, the Syrian Ministry of Health stated that the hospitals designated to treat Corona patients in several governorates such as Damascus, its countryside, Lattakia, and As-Suwayda, were filled with patients, with an occupancy rate of 100%. All registered deaths and intensive care patients who are not attached to this, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.