Urgent: Activating a new system for paying public parking fees

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has stated that public parking fees in Dubai can be easily paid via WhatsApp, by contacting the authority's response and support system known as "Mahboob" on the number 971588009090 and following the mentioned steps, allowing users to save 30 fils for the cost of a regular text message.

The authority confirmed that the service is available to visitors with phone numbers from outside the country, explaining that it is possible to communicate with "Mahboob" via the following link: bit.ly/3J5NCth.
The tariff for parking service fees in Dubai in areas marked with code A, is two dirhams for half an hour, at a time when fees sometimes differ according to the area code, which expresses the type and size of its commercial and residential uses.

Public parking spaces in Dubai bear the symbols A, B, E, and F, and the symbols reflect the times, tariffs, and terms of use. Examples of category (A) areas include all streets located within the area between Financial Center Street and Zabeel II Street, Al Saada Street “312” and “312” Street. 308» parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road in Bur Dubai.

The authority’s inspectors are responsible for issuing parking violations for non-compliant vehicles, in accordance with the decision to regulate and use public parking in Dubai, issued by the Executive Council of the Emirate in 2016, with the aim of activating the role of public parking spaces for vehicles in Dubai, and organizing their establishment, management and supervision, and the decision stipulates setting tariff times for a period of 14 hour.

The value of the financial fine for the violation of non-payment of the parking tariff fee for vehicles is 150 dirhams, and the tariff can be paid by several means, including payment in cash in the designated devices distributed throughout the parking, by placing currencies in the category of one and a half dirhams in exchange for the period required to use the parking, in addition to payment through applications. Smartphone, using a Nol card, or through a mobile phone.