Urgent.. Activating the new entry visa system and updated residency options within days..Details

The UAE will start working with residency options and updated entry visas, starting from Monday.

As of next Monday, October 3, 2022, the UAE will implement an updated visa system that represents a qualitative leap in the field of entry and residence for foreigners at the regional and global levels, based on the conditions, controls, simplified procedures and facilities that make the country an oasis for living, work, innovation and investment.

With this step, the UAE continues to enhance its attractiveness by modernizing and expanding its residency and entry visa options in line with enhancing its global competitiveness in attracting investors, entrepreneurs, minds and scientific competencies, as well as enhancing its position as a leading tourist destination in the region and the world.

The updated visa system is characterized by the multiplicity of residency types and the addition of new ones to suit all categories of investors, entrepreneurs, talented scientists and specialists, early students and graduates, pioneers of humanitarian work, the first line of defense and skilled workers in all fields, in addition to reducing burdens, simplifying procedures, adding new benefits to residency holders and separating between Residence and employer in a way that contributes to improving the quality of life and making the experience of living, working and investing in the UAE a pleasant and happy experience.

Green residence.

The system includes new types of residency with great advantages and facilities, most notably the green residency, which is granted for a period of 5 years and is renewable, which provides greater advantages for the recruitment of family members residing in the country, and flexible grace periods of up to 6 months after the expiry or cancellation of residency.

The green residency includes 3 types of categories or residencies, which are the green residency for the skilled worker, the green residency for self-employment, in addition to the green residency for the investor or partner in a commercial activity without a guarantor for a period of 5 years, subject to renewal, to replace the investor’s previous residency of two years, with simpler requirements and greater advantages. Allowing green residency holders to bring first-degree relatives.
- Explore opportunities.

Within the framework of the updated system, a visa for exploring job opportunities and another visa for exploring investment and business opportunities was created to attract investors without a guarantor or host inside the country, according to the conditions set forth in the new executive regulations.

- Golden Residency Updates.

The updated visa system included new advantages for the golden residency, the most important of which is the abolition of the requirement not to be absent from the state to retain the golden residency, the abolition of the maximum number of support service workers that can be brought in, and benefits for family members that allow them to remain in the country for the duration of their stay in the event of the death of the breadwinner who obtained the residency. Gold, in addition to diversifying the categories of golden residency to include scholars, specialists, and brilliant talents, in accordance with the established regulations in this regard.

The real estate investor can obtain the golden residency when buying a property with a loan from one of the local banks approved in this regard, or when buying one or more properties off the map with a value of no less than two million dirhams from approved local companies, and the new regulation also included flexible and simplified procedures for granting residency to a leadership category. Business, first students and graduates to give a better opportunity to live and work.

Recruitment of families.

The updated visa system provides new advantages for the residence of family members, including allowing a foreigner residing in the country to easily bring in his family members, such as a husband and children, and raising the age of children to be granted residency to 25 years from only 18 years, in addition to granting a residence permit to unmarried girls, And children of people of determination, regardless of age.

Flexible visit.

The updated system of entry visas provides new and multiple purposes and options for those wishing to visit the country with flexible and extendable visit periods of up to one year, and without the requirement of a guarantor or host in the country in order to facilitate procedures and requirements, which gives the opportunity for visitors and job seekers to achieve their ambitions in the UAE and enjoy a safe and stable life.

The updated visa system contributes to supporting the process of sustainable development and the policy of economic diversification, by attracting skilled workers, scientific competencies, experienced people, creative people and skilled specialists, which leads to raising the level of productivity and enhancing the competitiveness of the economy.