Urgent.. Airport disrupted for several hours after a horrific plane landing accident and investigations began

Ashraf Noer, head of the Civil Aviation Authority, ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the explosion of four wheels of the Egyptian Fly Egypt plane, which veered off course while landing at Cluj-Napoca Airport in Romania, which led to the explosion of the plane’s tires.

According to sources in the Ministry of Aviation, the plane was allowed to take off from Romania without passengers, after the repair process was carried out, and air safety was ensured.

The sources said that the divine providence saved the passengers of the Egyptian Fly Egypt plane from certain death, as the plane deviated from its course after the landing tires exploded, numbering 4, while landing at Cluj-Napoca Airport in Romania.

The sources indicated that the plane's flight, which carries the number FT 3101, had its tires exploded, a B 737-7, with the letters su - TMM registered, heading from Hurghada Airport to Cluj-Napoca Airport, Romania.

According to the sources, the number of passengers on the plane reached 113, including 13 business class passengers, 100 economy class passengers, and 6 cabin crew members.

The sources pointed out that the pilot was surprised by the tire explosion during landing and was able to maintain the plane's path as much as possible with no injuries in the accident and the safety of all passengers on the plane.

It is common knowledge that the aircraft is inspected and fully audited before and after each flight, including checking the tires and ensuring their safety