Urgent.. Amending the conditions for the validity of residence visas while traveling outside the country

The UAE government decided to abolish the requirement not to be absent from the state to retain the golden residence, as part of the new system of entry and residence visas, which includes new types of residence for investors, skilled workers, self-employees and family members with various benefits that support various sectors.

She indicated that there are 10 main types of entry visas to visit the UAE within the new system, with simplified requirements and new advantages, the most important of which is the introduction of visas without a guarantor or host, flexibility for the visitor's stay in the country, the ability to travel several times, entry validity for 60 days, renewable, and a submission mechanism within one platform.

According to the new updates within the golden residency in the new system of entry and residence visas in the Emirates, the scope of beneficiaries and benefits has been expanded to include 10 years, subject to renewal, in the context of attracting and retaining skilled and qualified people.
The new benefits included in the event of the death of the breadwinner who obtained the golden residency, the dependent family members may stay in the country for the duration of the residency granted to them, and the issuance of golden residency permits for foreign family members, including the spouse and children.