Urgent.. an earthquake hits the region as a result of human intervention

President of the Saudi Society for Geosciences: The earthquake in Kuwait was caused by the withdrawal of quantities of oil.

While the echoes of the earthquake that hit Kuwait yesterday, Saturday, with a magnitude of 5, continue, the President of the Saudi Society for Geosciences, Dr. Abdullah Al-Omari said that what happened in Kuwait was not an earthquake, but rather an “earthquake” as a result of activities in the oil areas after the withdrawal of quantities of oil without replacing it with enough water, according to what was reported by the Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh.
Al-Omari added that the tremor occurred as a result of tremors in the earth’s crust, pointing out that this situation is frequent and occurred in Mexico, Norway, and the US state of Texas, especially since the depth of earthquakes is five km, and this depth is the work and impact of man on nature.

He explained that if the tremor was at more than this depth, it was the result of ground movements or faults.

On Saturday morning, residents of some areas in Kuwait felt an earthquake at 4:28 am.

The Kuwait National Seismological Network reported that the magnitude of the earthquake that occurred in the country this morning was 5 on the Richter scale.

"The tremor occurred southwest of Al-Ahmadi, at a depth of 5 km underground," she added.

In turn, the General Fire Force announced that its operations department did not record any damage as a result of the earthquake, which occurred in Kuwait at dawn on Saturday.

The Public Relations and Media Department of the Public Fire Service said in a statement about the earthquake, after which the Central Operations Department received several reports, most of which were from residents of the southern regions of the country.

According to a statement by the firefighting force, "the Central Operations Department did not record any damage as a result of the earthquake, but there were only reports to inquire about the source of the earthquake."