Urgent.. an important statement for all travelers through Dubai airports

Dubai Airports Corporation expected that the monthly traffic through Dubai International Airport, during the summer months, will reach about five million passengers, with the high demand for travel, coinciding with the start of school vacations and the Eid al-Adha holiday.

It also expected the completion of the northern runway renovation project at Dubai International Airport, and its opening on June 22, before the travel peak.

The Foundation stated to "Emirates Today" that the movement of travel through "Dubai International" continues to recover, pointing to a noticeable increase in the percentage of transit passengers, who made up 41% of the total number of travelers last April.

strong growth

Majid Al Joker, Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Airports, said that Dubai International Airport has recorded strong growth rates in passenger traffic in recent months, noting that the Corporation has raised its expectations for the number of passengers this year to 58.3 million passengers, in light of these indicators, as well as About easing travel restrictions in new markets such as Southeast Asia and Australia, which are major markets for Dubai Airports.

"transit" movement

And Al Joker continued: "Travel traffic through Dubai International Airport continues to recover, as we have witnessed during the recent period a noticeable increase in the movement of (transit) passengers through the airport, which constituted 41% of the total number of passengers in April, compared to 32% last March."

He pointed out that 70 airlines operate their flights through Dubai International, which is a higher number compared to levels before the Corona virus pandemic in 2019, indicating that the total number of destinations that various airlines operate flights to, reached 190 global destinations.

A significant increase

Al Joker revealed that Dubai Airports expects a significant increase in travel traffic through Dubai International during the second half of this year, noting that the summer of 2022 will be the busiest period at the airport.

He said that estimates indicate that the monthly traffic through Dubai International will reach five million passengers during the summer, specifically in the coming July and August.

travel climax

Al Joker expected that the airport would witness a strong movement in conjunction with the start of school vacations and the Eid al-Adha holiday, pointing out that Dubai Airports Corporation, based on the expected numbers, aims to complete the northern runway renovation project, and open it on June 22, before the peak of travel.

He said that there is a state of thirst for travel, especially with the easing of procedures and requirements for travel across global markets.

Regarding the continuation of some airlines to operate their flights from Al Maktoum International Airport, after the completion of maintenance operations at Dubai International Airport, Al Joker said that the Corporation is studying these requirements and the level of demand for travel, in cooperation with all its strategic partners, to take a decision in this regard. He said that "Dubai Airports" provides the latest solutions and smart technologies that facilitate travel procedures at various stages, and is a pioneer in the application of quality services to enhance the passenger experience, stressing that smart travel procedures reduce the need for queuing and increase the airport's capacity.

3,000 people to complete the north runway renovation

The chief operating officer of Dubai Airports, Majid Al Joker, said that the project to renovate the northern runway at Dubai International Airport, the busiest in the world, began on May 9, as more than 1,000 vehicles and 3,000 people continued to work around the clock at the airport to complete the project. Executing scheduled work quickly and efficiently.

He explained that these works include: re-strengthening and flattening the runway floor, strengthening and widening the adjacent lanes, replacing aviation ground lighting signals, air navigation sensors and meteorological equipment, strengthening the paving of the entrances and exits of the main corridors, maintaining the sewage infrastructure, in addition to transferring the sub-station of navigational aids. In light of the continuity of operations in the southern runway.

150 thousand tons of asphalt

The Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Airports, Majid Al Joker, confirmed that the project to renovate the northern runway at Dubai International Airport enhances the capacity and supports the airport's operations, and contributes to continuing to provide the highest standards of safety, and to enhance the smooth and efficient management of operations.

He pointed out the use of about 150,000 tons of asphalt and 30,000 square meters of concrete, with the renovation and upgrading of 3,600 lighting units along the 4.5 km runway, with the maintenance and upgrade of various infrastructure facilities.

He pointed out that the airport's northern runway underwent a development process during 2014, and it was scheduled to start renovating it again in 2024, but the decision was taken to implement the project during the current year, as a proactive measure, in light of expectations that the movement of passengers and aircraft will witness a significant increase, After full recovery, over the coming years.